Client feedback

"After my 6 sessions over a year ago now, I have found the thinking and practices we discussed, and the further reading you recommended, have been a significant help in day to day life. In particular I've been able to reduce the frequency and severity of any episodes of anger, and more generally I have found the ACT technique very useful for focusing on what really matter to me. I still refer to my notes on a weekly basis.


As a consequence, I have been able to 'turn around' what was a difficult and deteriorating family situation. This has included both my wife and myself changing jobs. So far family life is running much better now.


If I ever find myself in trouble again, you will be the first person I call. I would heartily recommend your service to others "


Client 02/15



" I made it my goal whilst in away to continue with mindfulness and I have been doing it for nearly a year now. It has helped me tremendously and I don't think I would have been able to stay here so long without it.


Client 09/14